‘ This Collection reflects of travel ,The Heaven and Earth theme refers to my observations of the sky and the ground during my journey.’

The theme for this year’s collection is ‘ Heaven and Earth ‘ , partly inspired by my travels. When we travel, the norm is that we follow an itinerary.

I prefer to go with the flow. This collection reflects that freedom.

The theme also refers to my observations of the Sky and the Ground during my journey. How the skies change color. How the trees grow. How the birds sing….

On the ground level, I love looking at what people wear, what they carry and even the way they wash their clothes.

As most of my travels this year are in Asia…..the collection incorporates a lot of elements from the region. ” There are Batik influences from Thailand, Indonesia, India, Cambodia and Vietnam . I m also inspired by Wayang kulitĀ  ( Shadow Play ), which I interpreted as motifs and prints on the clothes.

The collection also incorporated wood , fire , earth , metal and water color motifs into the designs, with some jackets obviously influenced by the Japanese Kimono.

This collection has pieces in the like of biker and shimmery structured jacket, over- lengthen cotton batik blazers, tailored shorts, Wide leg Shorts, batik print shirt and tailored digital print jacket .

Spirituality is very much a part of my creative process.

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