The road to civilization is long and winding. Every century brings new meaning to humanity, and every generation wishes to leave something behind.

Buildings are the best representation of the changing time, they witness the rise and fall of every dynasty, tell stories from generation to generation not known to anyone else. Buildings are inseparable from our daily life, it may be a home, an office or just another boring meeting place, either way buildings are the most fundamental part of human life.

Eric Choong  SpringSummer 2017 aims to explore the different facets of buildings, the designer set foot on old towns, ruins and many forgotten parts of Asia to seek conversations with them, finding the messages they left behind.

The journey from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia to the far away provinces in China has left strong marks with Eric Choong, where the unique patterns, textures, carvings and structures of these buildings are now seen on the <Timeless> collection. Patterns such as seventies tiles designs, washed-out wall carvings, forest sheds, stained glass arts and old stamping marks are some of the design elements.

The collection uses a large number of black, white, gray and indigo, along with other natural and earthy tones that closely resemble the source of inspiration. The designer continues his quest in hand-dye batik from last season, creating new patterns through unique stamping techniques. Cotton, linen and denim are seen on multiple items. The collection focuses on timeless daily styles such as blouses, Japanese inspired wrap tops, drape pants, harem pants and shorts.

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